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Sota Soccer Talks With SCFC President Kaden Bergman

Feb 21, 2023

Sota Soccer is the Northland's leading platform for coverage of Lower League soccer. Releasing weekly articles and podcasts, Sota Soccer are a fantastic resource for keeping up-to-date on the happenings of soccer in the North. In addition to this, Sota Soccer has expanded their coverage, providing in-depth reporting for the only MLS team in our area, Minnesota United FC.

Superior City FC President Kaden Bergman sat down with Sota Soccer's Dominic Bosigno to talk about the current Superior City FC project. The two covered the move to Superior, reasons for choosing UPSL, plans for community engagement and more.

Superior City FC Tryouts will be held on March 18th and 19th at the NBC Spartan Sports Complex in Superior, WI. The tryouts will be used to fill all four teams (UPSL Men's, UPSL Women's, WPASL, DASL). Tryout registration is currently open and information can be found under the "Men's" and "Women's" tabs of the organization's website.

Home games for the organization's UPSL teams will be at the NBC Spartan Sports Complex, located at Superior High School. The WPASL and DASL teams will play their games in the Twin Ports area.

Social Media for each club in the organization can be found here:

Superior City Men's (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)

Superior City FC Women's (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)

Superior Wolfpack FC (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)

Superior Whalebacks FC (Facebook)

Please send any questions regarding the club's relocation, player selection, coaching opportunities and all other inquiries to

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